High Quality Leather Mechanic/Utility aprons

Using our experience to create the best leather apron for work or the BBQ

Made from 1.6mm full grain aniline leather

Sizes small, med and large, custom sizes can be manufactured £140

AM-Leathers-Leather-Mechanic-and-Utility-Aprons-Barnard-Castle (1)

The COVID pandemic has hit racing as hard as all other majors sports and like many other businesses it's been a tough time. We haven't been needed to make as many suits and it's been quiet.

But here at AM Leathers we have been able to turn our experience another knowledge and great another amazing product for anyone to enjoy.

It all came from a friend who was given a really low quality (but high price) leather BBQ apron as gift. When we saw we realised we could do something to a much higher standard.

That following week we put together a beautiful premium leather apron and delivered it to our friend and we thought nothing more about it.

Over the weekend they shared it on to Facebook and by Monday morning we an inbox full of requests for one our leather work aprons. Off to work we went again and then went and created more handcrafted leather work aprons for people in and around Barnard Castle.

We're now making leather aprons per request, so each one is handmade using the best leather.


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