Our Leathers

Think of made to measure leathers not as an extravagance, but as an investment in your riding future....

Thanks to the wonders of capitalism and the global supply chain, you can pick up a set of leathers for under £300. But your purchase might not be the bargain it first appears.

The main reason for this is, longevity. Cheap leathers are made from inferior leather, and poor manufacturing. Even if they are portent to be made to measure, they will still be made in the same factory to the same standard as abroad. Whereas, at AM, they are made from high quality hide from South America, where the tanning process adds considerably more strength, combined with using the strongest sewing techniques, they will shrug off all but the most cataclysmic of crashes.

It's pure economics, a decent suit will last a season of crashes without needing much attention, whereas a cheap suit might not even get through the first practice session.

Then there's the fit. Even if you're in relatively normal shape, a set of made to measure leathers will fit noticeably better because it takes account of every deviation from the so called norm.

A badly fitting suit can be, not only unsightly, but would give you the protection required. Body armour for example, may not be in the correct position to give adequate protection. Loose excess leather could trap skin and flesh, giving severe burns and muscle trauma.

Like them or loathe them, believe in the benefits or not, air bag vests are going to be a part of motorcycle racing in the future, as it's in the interest, not only in your safety, but the liability of event organisers.

It has been certainly noticed by ourselves, that more and more racers and track day users, have been opting for suits that are airbag compatible. As the suit not only has to fit well in normal circumstances, but is able to expand safely in the correct areas.

And you can specify design styles and colours, with our in house design program, personal details can also be added giving you absolute individuality.

Also, it's made in England.